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Frequently Asked Fencing Questions

Well-known and a trusted name in the Middleton and Southern Wisconsin area for over 75 years, Struck & Irwin knows that choosing the right fence for your home or business is a big decision. So please look at some of the most frequently asked questions that we’ve provided for your convenience.

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Struck & Irwin Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a free estimate?

Contact our office at 608-255-1673. Our office staff will either arrange a convenient time with you or they will have the estimator for your area contact you to arrange a time.

Do I need to be present for the estimate?

It is usually helpful so that any questions you or the estimator may have about the fence style or location can be answered at that time. If it is not convenient for you to be present during the appointment, your estimator will still be able to view the property and then discuss the fence with you by phone.

Do I need to have my property surveyed?

All properties were at one time surveyed and steel stakes were placed at the corners of your property. Struck & Irwin does have metal locators and unless the survey stakes have been removed it is likely that we can locate them for you. However, we are not surveyors and we cannot verify the accurate location of any stakes that we may find. If we are unable to locate the stakes or if you think they may have been moved from their original location, a survey performed by a registered surveyor may be a wise decision.

Do I need a permit and are there any ordinances or requirements concerning fences?

It depends on where the property is located. We can advise you as to whether a permit is required or if there any known restrictions based on the most recent information we have for your area. However, since each community has its own requirements we recommend that you check with your local municipality or homeowners association just to be sure. If a permit is required, it is our customer’s responsibility to obtain. The cost is usually minimal.

Will Struck & Irwin arrange to have the buried utilities located?

Yes, we will contact Digger’s Hotline to have the public utilities (gas, electric, telephone, cable TV) marked prior to beginning installation. There is no charge to our customers for this service. Any fence posts that will be within 18” of the existing buried utilities will need to be moved beyond 18”or else they will have to be dug by hand which will slightly increase the cost. Privately installed utilities (ex: electric lines to yard lights or between a house and a detached garage, gas lines to grills, buried sprinkler lines, etc.) will not be located by Digger’s Hotline. It is our customer’s responsibility to inform us of any privately installed utilities.

Will a fence add value to my property?

A properly installed fence made of quality materials will almost always increase the value of your property and will enable you to better utilize your yard. A fenced backyard will provide a safe and secure area for your pets and children and can provide increased privacy. Almost every study has shown that homes with fenced yards are more desired and sell faster than homes with unfenced yards.

Does Struck & Irwin sell materials only?

Yes, although unless you have had experience installing fences before and have the correct equipment, we do not recommend attempting to install it yourself. A properly installed fence is an investment that will increase the value of your property but an improperly installed fence will have the opposite effect and will become a liability.

Does Struck & Irwin rent or loan the necessary installation tools and equipment?

No. Many of the necessary tools are specialized and require training and experience to be used safely and properly. Many of the more common tools and equipment can be rented at local rental companies.

Does Struck & Irwin repair fences?

Yes. We estimate and repair almost every type of fence regardless of whether we originally installed it.

Why should I buy a fence from Struck & Irwin Fence?

Struck & Irwin is one of the oldest, most experienced fence companies in southern Wisconsin. Our experienced estimators will recommend the best fence for your particular needs and application.

Our trained and experienced installers will take the time necessary to give you the finished product that you deserve and that will satisfy your requirements. The quality materials that we sell and install are produced by well established, reputable suppliers with proven track records and who will stand behind their products and honor their commitments to their customers.

For quality fences at competitive prices, call Struck & Irwin Fence at 608-255-1673

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